Title: A Phase 1B study repurposing ATRA as stromal targeting agent along with gemcitabine and nab-Paclitaxel for pancreatic cancer
Disease site: Pancreatic cancer
Status: Closed

Trial Design: Open-label, multicentre phase 1b study of ATRA (retinoic acid) administered with gemcitabine and nab-Paclitaxel. There are two parts to this study: A dose-escalation part in untreated advanced pancreatic cancer patients to determine the maximum tolerated dose and a dose expansion part to determine the optimal biological dose.

This study stems from research carried out by Prof H. Kocher and his team at Barts Cancer Institute.

Trial details

Trial Chairman & Co-Chief Investigator: Prof H. Kocher
Chief Investigator: Dr S Slater
Trial contact:
Clinical NCT03307148
EudraCT: 2015-002662-23
Sponsor: Barts Health NHS Trust
Participating countries: UK
Source of funding: MRC (funding), Celgene (funding and study drug)

Publications and presentations

Phase I clinical trial repurposing all-trans retinoic acid as a stromal targeting agent for pancreatic cancer. Kocher, H.M., Basu, B., Froeling, F.E.M. et al. Nat Commun 11, 4841 (2020).

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