Cancer Prevention & Risk Reduction

Through carefully co-ordinated clinical trials, our researchers are focused on cancer prevention and risk reduction, and work to deliver validated interventions for reducing the risk of cancer, meanwhile aiming to identify more accurately individuals at high risk of developing particular cancers.

Key Cancer Types: breast, cervical, ovarian, prostate
Research Focus

The main areas of focus are as follows:

  • Development of methods for preventing occurrence and recurrence of breast cancer

  • Development of strategies for improving ovarian cancer prevention

  • Development and validation of biomarkers for risk stratification and prevention of other cancers

  • Development of strategies for repurposing drugs (e.g. aspirin) for cancer prevention or adjuvant treatment of early disease

  • Research into population based genetic testing strategies for risk stratification and cancer prevention

  • Development and evaluation of strategies for enhancing genetic testing at cancer diagnosis for precision medicine and cancer prevention

Key Achievements
Key Publications