Title: Robotic Surgery After Focal Ablation Therapy
Disease site: Prostate cancer
Status: Closed

Trial Design: Prospective case-series evaluating surgery following prostate focal ablation therapy. The study aims to recruit men with residual/recurrent localised prostate cancer following primary focal prostate cancer ablation therapy who consent to undergo salvage robotic assisted radical prostatectomy.

Trial details

Chief Investigator: Dr P. Cathcart
Trial contact: bci-raft@qmul.ac.uk
ClinicalTrials.gov: NCT03011606
Sponsor: Queen Mary University of London
Participating countries: UK

Publications and presentations

Outcomes of the RAFT trial: robotic surgery after focal therapy. Cathcart, P., Ribeiro, L., Moore, C., et al. BJU Int 2021, 128: 504-510.

Patient friendly information

Cancer Research UK website A study looking at robotic surgery for prostate cancer that has come back (RAFT)

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