Barts Cancer Institute


The Barts Cancer Institute (BCI) was created in 2003, and brought together some of the most eminent cancer research teams in London. As part of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London, the BCI has one overriding objective, which is to ensure that the research conducted here is relevant to and will impact on cancer patients.

The BCI is split into six Research Centres, and our staff and students focus their efforts on two objectives; how to increase the chances of cancer survival through early detection and diagnosis; and improving patient survival through the discovery and development of more effective and innovative therapies. These objectives are underpinned by research into improving our understanding of the basic cell and molecular biology of cancer and the body's natural immune response to it.

With the Centre for Prevention, Detection and Diagnosis at Queen Mary's Wolfson Institute of Population Health, the BCI is accredited as a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Centre of Excellence - the CRUK Barts Centre.

Under the leadership of the Director, Professor Nick Lemoine, and supported by an Executive Board of senior investigators, the BCI provides an academic environment fitting for an internationally recognised, comprehensive cancer centre.