Core Services

Our Research Themes are supported by the Core Services listed below. The Centre’s infrastructure and service support creates an ambitious environment, supporting cutting-edge cancer research.


The Pathology Service offers a full range of histological techniques to support researchers working on a variety of projects.

Flow Cytometry

This service is equipped with flow cytometry, mass cytometry and imaging cytometry instrumentation enabling rapid, multiparametric analysis across a number of disciplines.


The CRUK Barts Centre Microscopy Facility provides a variety of light microscopes and imaging systems to suit a wide range of applications.

Pre-clinical Imaging

Modalities offered in this service include microPET, microSPECT, microCT, MRI, bioluminescence, fluorescence and ultrasound.

Barts Cancer Institute Tissue Banks

The CRUK Barts Centre systematically collects primary and metastatic tissue samples from an array of cancer types to support current and future research.


We provide data analysis and consultancy services for high throughput measurements, including DNA and RNA sequencing, epigenomics and proteomics.

Mass Spectrometry

This service provides proteomics and metabolomics flux analysis using state-of-the-art instruments and sample preparation methods.