Dr Jun Wang
Academic Lead

Dr Eleni Maniati
Senior Bioinformatician

Dr Faraz Khan


The CRUK Barts Centre Bioinformatics Core Service provides data analysis and consultancy services for high throughput measurements, including DNA and RNA sequencing, epigenomics and proteomics. We have extensive knowledge and experience in analysing various types of large-scale omics datasets and apply a range of analytical techniques that suit user requests. We have collated many publicly available and published datasets which facilitates further validation and integration with user data. This service will support research projects by providing advice on experimental design and also aid in the writing of manuscripts and grants for projects in which we have or will be involved. The Bioinformatics Core also develops new analytical algorithms and pipelines for analysing datasets generated from new technology, such as single-cell transcriptome, immune profiling and genome sequencing.

Standard analyses for ‘omics datasets

For each type of dataset, the standard analyses will be performed as required.

The standard analyses include:

  • Analysis of genome sequencing (WGS and WES): single nucleotide variants (SNV), InDels, copy number aberrations (for SNP array as well)
  • Transcriptome profiling (RNA-seq and microarray): profiling, differential expression, GSEA
  • MicroRNA profiling (miRNA sequencing and microarray): profiling, differential expression
  • ChIP-seq: peak calling
  • Methylation (bisulfite sequencing and microarray): identification of differentially methylated regions
Specialist/analysis software

All bioinformatics software and tools that we use for data analyses are offered free of charge for academic usage. Many of our established pipelines have been described previously in our recent publications.

Internal users: please contact Dr Jun Wang

QMUL users: please contact Dr Jun Wang

External users: 

Please note: these prices are provisional and may be subject to change

Pricing for NGS projects

For standard analysis

Analysis Cost for external users
RNA-seq £60 per sample
Whole exome sequencing £80 per sample
Whole genome sequencing £150 per sample
Targeted sequencing £750 per project
miRNA-seq £80 per sample
ChIP-seq £80 per sample
Methylation DNA-seq £150 per sample
Single-cell RNA-seq Please contact us for quotation

Consultations are provided free of charge. We will meet with you to discuss your bioinformatics needs and figure out how we may best help you. This will help us to understand the experiments, estimate the time and workload, and set up the analysis workflow.

From September 2019 onwards, we will charge a service fee for data analysis, to maintain the functionality and efficiency of Bioinformatics Core, and cover all the IT costs, e.g., computer upgrades, data storage, training costs and expansion of the service. Pricing structure will be available on the website shortly.

We strongly encourage you to cost the bioinformatics component in your grant application if applicable. Please get in touch when you are developing your proposal so that we can advise you on the level of support, time and costs required for the bioinformatics. Please contact Dr Jun Wang for a quote.