Centre for Cancer Genomics and Computational Biology

In the Centre for Genomics and Computational Biology, we employ unbiased high-throughput sequencing, mass spectrometry and multispectral imaging of tumour samples to gain unique insights into cancer evolution, genetics and cell signalling through from premalignancy to metastatic disease. We are internationally recognised for our work on lymphoma, leukaemia and gastrointestinal cancers, and the creation of computational tools to extract maximum value from Big Data. Our ambition is to see translation of new knowledge into improvements in early cancer detection and precision medicine.

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Centre Lead: Professor Jude Fitzgibbon

Deputy Centre Lead: Professor Trevor Graham

John Vane Science Centre,
Charterhouse Square,
London EC1M 6BQ

Recent Publications

  • Improving understanding of cancer in the gender diverse population. Nat Rev Cancer (2021) PMID: 34163047
  • Drug ranking using machine learning systematically predicts the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs. Nat Commun (2021) 12(1):1850. PMID: 33767176
  • KDM5 inhibition offers a novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of KMT2D mutant lymphomas. Blood (2021) blood.2020008743. PMID: 33786580
  • Multicentre derivation and validation of a colitis-associated colorectal cancer risk prediction web tool. Gut (2021) gutjnl-2020-323546. PMID: 33990383
  • Inference of Ligand-Receptor Pairs from Single-Cell Transcriptomics Data. Methods Mol Biol (2021) 2346:1-10. PMID: 33625677
  • ACSNI: An unsupervised machine-learning tool for prediction of tissue-specific pathway components using gene expression profiles. Patterns (N Y) (2021) 2(6):100270. PMID: 34179848
  • Reconstructing single-cell karyotype alterations in colorectal cancer identifies punctuated and gradual diversification patterns. Nature Genetics (2021). PMID: 34211178
  • Chromosome Instability through the Ages: Parallels between Speciation and Somatic (Cancer) Evolution. Trends Genet (2021) S0168-9525(21)00131-1. PMID: 34083067

Latest News

  • Mr Jeremy D'Silva has joined the Centre as a visiting PhD student from Stanford University, funded on a US-UK Fulbright Award, to develop mathematical models of the interaction between colorectal cancer and its immune environment.
  • Congratulations to Dr Benjamin Werner who is part of an international team that has been shortlisted for the Cancer Grand Challenges awards. Read the news story.
  • A study led by Professor Pedro Cutillas, published in Nature Communications, describes a machine learning algorithm that ranks drugs based on their efficacy in reducing cancer cell growth. Find out more.
  • Dr Sarah McClelland was awarded a research grant from the BBSRC to investigate the molecular mechanisms by which the transcription factor ZFP64 controls genomic stability.
  • Professor Jude Fitzgibbon was awarded a Blood Cancer UK project grant to study KDM6 and its potential as a therapeutic target in Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
  • Mr Kane Smith was awarded a Bowel Research UK PhD studentship to create a blood test to detect early signs of bowel cancer for people with inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Dr Ana Rio Machin was awarded a Junior Research Grant 2021 by the European Hematology Association to study the mechanisms & therapeutic vulnerabilities of acute myeloid leukaemia driven by the t(6;9) chromosomal translocation.
  • Dr Kiran Tawana was awarded a NIHR Clinical Academic Research Partnerships fellowship to develop a national framework for the management of familial leukaemia.

Areas of focus

Gastrointestinal cancers
Barrett's oesophagus 1 - McDonald lab
Haematological malignancies
FISH DLBCL - Andrew Clear 2
Barrett's oesophagus 2 - McDonald lab
Stem cells in the evolution of metaplasia
Cancer genomics and evolution
Blue DNA structure isolated background. 3D illustration
Cell signalling and drug resistance
Mathematical and computational biology
Functional non-coding mutations in cancer
Cancer cell plasticity
Cancer Cell Plasticity_Mirjana Efremova