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Who are Radionuclides for Health UK?

Radionuclides for Health UK aims to highlight the need for a UK supply of radionuclides used in health and medicine and to build support for re-establishing the domestic supply. Our main focus is radionuclides for use in molecular radiotherapy of cancer (i.e. injection of radioactive substances for therapeutic effect) and their diagnostic partner radionuclides for cancer imaging.

This advocacy project is funded by a Queen Mary University of London Impact Award and the Cancer Research UK Radiation Research Network Fund Meeting- January 2021 Award [RRNFMA-Jan21/10001]. This work is supported through a partnership between the Radiation Research Unit at the Cancer Research UK City of London Centre Award [C7893/A28990], MITHRAS [EP/S032789/1] and the UK National Nuclear Laboratory.

We are working with The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Nuclear Industry Association as well as other organisations such as the British Nuclear Medicine Society and NCRI CTRad.

Meet the team

Reader in Molecular Imaging
Barts Cancer Institute
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Barts Cancer Institute
Professor of Imaging Chemistry, Head of Department of Imaging Chemistry and Biology
King’s College London

How can we help?

If you have a need for radionuclides, have experienced problems acquiring radionuclides, have ideas for innovative radionuclides or UK production, or want to let the community know you can supply any radionuclides, please contact us – we will serve as a gateway to the provider and user communities and advocate for better UK availability.

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NCRI CTRad Virtual Seminar Series

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