Title: IMaging pilot study of the αvβ6 integrin radiotracer [18F]-A20FMDV2 in PAtients with solid Cancer Types
Disease site: Solid tumours
Status: Closed

Trial Design: Pilot study that aims to determine the feasibility of conducting PET imaging using [18F]-FBA-A20FMDV2 in patients with a variety of solid tumours. A combination of factors will be used to determine the feasibility of [18F]-FBA-A20FMDV2 PET imaging including visual adequacy of the PET image, adequate signal to noise ratio and the ability to evaluate the image differential between tumour and normal tissue. In addition, the operational feasibility of this multicentre study will be assessed.  An adaptive recruitment strategy will be used with patients with pancreatic, head and neck and breast cancers being recruited initially.

This study stems from research carried out by Prof J. Marshall and his team at Barts Cancer Institute.

Trial details

Chief Investigator: Prof P. Schmid
Scientific Lead: Prof J. Marshall
Trial contact:
Sponsor: Queen Mary University of London
Participating countries: UK

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