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Foot-and-mouth-disease virus could help target pancreatic cancer

12th February 2020

Researchers at Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, have identified a peptide, or protein fragment, taken from the foot-and-mouth-disease virus that targets another protein, called avβ6 (alpha-v-beta-6). This protein is found at high levels on the surface of the majority of pancreatic cancer cells.

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World Cancer Day 2020

4th February 2020

This World Cancer Day, hear from our Director and some of our researchers about the importance of international collaboration in the fight against cancer.

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Mouse models of ovarian cancer

27th January 2020

Research led by the Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, has revealed that mouse models of the most common and deadly form of ovarian cancer, high-grade serous ovarian cancer, can effectively replicate the disease in humans. These models provide useful pre-clinical tools that may help to determine which patients are likely to respond to particular treatments.

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Protein network rewiring in cancer

20th January 2020

Research published in Nature Biotechnology has identified new ways to analyse the complexity of the internal workings of normal cells and cancer cells. The study highlights how genetic changes rewire the biochemistry of cancer cells and may aid in identifying new drug targets specific for a patient’s disease.

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Tackling resistance in skin cancer

13th January 2020

Researchers have found that melanoma cells fight anti-cancer drugs by changing their internal skeleton (cytoskeleton) – opening up a new therapeutic route for combating skin and other cancers that develop resistance to treatment.

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Prof Patel awarded Honorary Fellowship

23rd December 2019

Congratulations to Prof Bijendra Patel who was awarded the Honorary Fellowship of the Association of Surgeons of India in recognition of his outstanding contribution to surgery and surgical education.

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