Articles by Bethan Warman

Introducing Dr Barrie Peck

14th August 2019

Introducing new Group Leader, Dr Barrie Peck We are pleased to welcome Dr Barrie Peck to the CRUK Barts Centre as a new Group Leader. We recently spoke with Barrie to find out more about him, his research and the work he will be doing on cancer metabolism. Barrie undertook a degree in Molecular Biology […]

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Understanding familial leukaemia

8th August 2019

In 2014, the charity Bloodwise awarded a 5-year programme grant to a team from Queen Mary University of London to support research to better understand the nature of the faulty genes responsible for an inherited/familial predisposition to MDS/AML.

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Antibody therapy in pancreatic cancer

31st July 2019

Scientists have found a way to target and knock out a single protein that they have discovered is widely involved in pancreatic cancer cell growth, survival and invasion. Called avb6, the protein is present on the surface of more than 80 per cent of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma – the most common form of pancreatic cancer – and is vital to increase the successful growth and spread of the tumour cells.

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London Cancer PhD Student Network

25th July 2019

The newly established London Cancer PhD Student network recently held its first event, which attracted over 60 PhD students from across London to the Barts Cancer Institute. Speakers from six institutes gave short chalk talks to describe their research.

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New research funded by PCRF

19th July 2019

The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is supporting two new research projects at the Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London. The projects, led by Professor Hemant Kocher and Dr Gunnel Halldén, will aim to identify ways to enhance the efficacy of treatments for pancreatic cancer, to ultimately help those affected by this devastating disease.

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World Economic Forum, China

8th July 2019

Professor Fran Balkwill was selected as a high-level delegation to the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China, to discuss her work in cancer research. As one of three researchers selected by the European Research Council to attend, she participated in presentations, panel discussions and press conferences on the topic of ‘Tackling cancer from within – new perspectives’.

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