Cancer Imaging

Why we focus on cancer imaging

Imaging plays a crucial role in the clinical management of patients with cancer. Both anatomical (CT/MRI) and molecular imaging (PET/SPECT) modalities provide essential information on the localisation and staging of disease as well as on an individual's prognosis and response to therapy. Imaging is also invaluable in the pre-clinical development of improved and novel therapeutic strategies, providing unique in vivo information that informs decision-making in drug development and reducing the numbers of experimental animals required for laboratory studies.

What we do
  • The CRUK Barts Centre is at the forefront of cancer imaging in both the clinical and pre-clinical arenas. Our clinical academics focus on the role of CT and MR imaging in gynaecological (ovarian, endometrial and cervical) cancers as well as the ability of PET/CT imaging to assess and predict response to cancer therapies.
  • We employ a range of dedicated pre-clinical imaging modalities (PET/CT, SPECT/CT, bioluminescence, fluorescence, ultrasound) to address a spectrum of biological questions ranging from in vivo characterisation of disease models to assessment of novel therapeutic agents in a number of experimental cancers.
  • The group has a long history of involvement with the Imaging, Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries and, in view of its specialised expertise and facilities, has undertaken numerous collaborative studies with industry as well as Academia.
Major Funders
  • Bioscan Inc.
  • Cancer Research UK
  • GlaxoSmithKline
Key Publications

Image credit: Magnetic nano-capsules, cancer imaging and therapy, cryoEM. Khuloud T. Al-Jamal, Jie Bai, Sara Bals, Hamed Heidari & Izzat SuffianCC BY