Tumour Microenvironment

Why we focus on the tumour microenvironment

The tumour microenvironment (TME) is essential for the growth, progression and spread of all solid tumours.  Manipulating the TME could stop cancer growth and spread. Understanding the cellular and molecular basis of the TME and in particular tumour angiogenesis will lead us to novel and improved ways to control cancer.

What we do
  • We aim to improve the understanding of the molecular regulation of the TME.
  • Since the TME is a feature of all solid cancers, it is crucial that we unravel both the molecular and cellular basis of the TME.
  • Our work provides essential insights into the critical functions of growth factor receptors, adhesion molecules and cytokines in the control of tumour angiogenesis and the TME in various cancer models.
  • Importantly, we have discovered novel targets for vascular promotion therapy that we hope will, one day, improve the treatment of human cancer.
Major Funders
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Medical Research Council
  • Worldwide Cancer Research
Key Publications