Targeting the Tumour Microenvironment

Significant advances in research have involved targeting, not only malignant cells directly, but also the non-malignant tumour microenvironment (TME). Targeting the interactions between malignant cells and the TME is critical for cancer treatments.

Key Cancer Types: pancreaticlungbladderhaematologicalovarianbreast
Research Focus

The main areas of focus are as follows:

  • Defining how different tumours direct unique microenvironments
  • Characterising and overcoming immune suppression in the tumour microenvironment
  • Stratifying tumour microenvironment treatment approaches
  • Targeting cancer-associated fibroblasts, tumour associated macrophages and the malignant extracellular matrix
  • Exploitation of tumour endothelial cells for improved cancer treatment
  • Building tumour microenvironment models of the future
  • Understanding if more invasive and metastatic cells have greater impact on the tumour microenvironment
Key Achievements
Key Publications

Image credit: Human stem cell embedded in a 3D matrix, Cryo SEM. Sílvia A Ferreira, Cristina Lopo and Eileen Gentleman, KCLCC BY